Operation: Happily Ever After

I’d like to take the time to spread the word about an amazing charity called Operation: Happily Ever After. This charity holds a yearly contest for military couples to win a Myrtle Beach Wedding. Couples compete against other couples to win the wedding package. Winning couple is decided by the number of votes, each vote cost $1. The contest itself is used to raising awareness and funds for the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund, which raises money for everything from family support, to post traumatic stress disorder, to traumatic brain injuries. To learn the history of Operation: Happily Ever After please view this link. http://www.operationhappilyeverafter.org/component/content/article/6

This year, my friend, Kara and her fiance Kris have won the competition. Their story can be read here. http://www.operationhappilyeverafter.org/kara-a-kris I could not be happier for them. They deserve their dream wedding and I’m ecstatic to be a part of it.

This evening, a few battles buddies and myself will be making our way to the lovely Sea Watch resort. Where we will be staying until Sunday. I will upload pictures of the amenities and prices ranges shortly thereafter.

This contest is doing amazing things for vets like myself and many others. At the very least I ask you to check it out, It would mean a lot to me. And if you’re part of a military couple and are ready to take the big leap but don’t quite have the cash to get there, I’d recommend checking out the next contest entry which starts Mid-September 2012. Registration and Rules can be found here. http://www.operationhappilyeverafter.org/contestants/contestant-registration

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Washington DC Part 1

Sorry it took so long just to put this first part out, my internet went down and wasn’t loading half the stuff I’d click on. Part 2 I’m hoping to have up next week.

My first night in the Greater DC Area, I spent around Fort Belvoir. This was on of the smallest bases I’ve ever been on. Honestly there isn’t much to do. There’s a fairly nice PX, a Small movie theater,  and a gym. As for Housing in the Area there is a hotel on post, but it’s about $135 a night. There are two hotels less than a half mile of base. The one I chose was the Quality Inn. It cost about $60 a night, and it’s the cheapest in the area if you don’t want to stay at some seedy motel. As for night life, Alexandria is only about 15 minutes up the road if you have your own car and it’s a beautiful city at night. If you like the Partiots, there is probably the only patriots bar in the area located here, called Murphy’s Grand Irish Pub. I personally am not a Pats fan, but I do love live Celtic music and the energy that you find in an Irish Pub, The foods good and the beer is great. If you order a plate of nachos, I hope you brought a friend to help you finish because they are massive. Other Bars, Pubs, and Taverns in the area include Gadsby’s Tavern, Lucky’s Tavern, and Bugsy’s Pizza Rest and Sports Bar, all of which are highly recommended by locals. Perhaps the Bar is not your Scene, That’s fine too, I’ve provided a link at the bottom of this post help meet your dining needs. As for parking, I believe it’s free to park on the street after 8pm.



Alright, I’ve clearly made promises that I haven’t kept. Next week I’ll try my hardest to push out the rest of my DC Trip.

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Just Got Back From DC

I Literally just walked in my front door, a new post and hopefully some pictures will be up in the next few days while I sort through all 800 Pictures I took.

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Hello world!

I’m Shawn Rykaczewski, author of the Blog, Ski Leads the Way. I’ve Started this Blog mostly to feed my passion for Travel and to allow you, the reader, to learn some tips and tricks to all forms of traveling. Perhaps you will even be inspired to try other forms of travel, such as Backpacking, one of my personal favorites. I have a Trip coming up soon and I can’t wait to write about it. I also have been writing guides for Backpack Mojo, which I will Link below, and If time permits I may even to a Vlog of How To’s. I look forward to sharing my experiences with you all, through the good and the bad.




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